I actually wanted to post this photo 2 days ago with a message about how aligned I have felt the last 5 months+ but I will be honest. A wound was triggered and a massive insecurity came up about what others thought of me and even what others thought of Sakti healing (MY BABBBBYYY!) My inner soul KNEW that this was a wound and I needed to shine light on it. Although I have worked on my solar plexus and my insecurities of what others think of me A LOT, I laughed at the NAIVE thought that I could of possibly thought I had healed COMPLETELY. Because Healing journeys never end for ANYONE. Wounds are triggered, we must own them and shine light on them. They will be triggered because we are always GROWING and EVOLVING. But isn’t that beautiful that we are always changing? As it makes space for us to expand!

I journaled on how I felt, I was taken back to memories of being at of primary school and high school and how I felt and then how I felt in the present of writing this.
I finished with writing THIS IS MY FEAR. And then I wrote a list of MY TRUTH and everything I truly am -I am whole, I am love, I am loved, I am an expanding awakened human, etc. I sat in stillness and prayed. An hour later I was sent a sign from the universe, I bumped into a beautiful soul who had heard about Sakti Healing and even the reiki with me and how amazing it was and they were given Saktis number a few days before to book! (COINCEDENCES DONT EXIST) THANK YOU UNIVERSE for this reminder, it was a gift!

My main message from this mini story is that healing, expanding, growing, evolving is NEVER done. There is no quick fix. Last year I decided to make a life commitment to myself to grow and focus on ME. To focus on healing and to HAVE FUN AND ENJOY LIFE. I realized that dipping in and out of meditation or just having 1 healing every so often doesn’t mean you healed that wound completely. Its actually funny for me to ever think I ever thought ‘I don’t need a healing’ and I don’t mean healing with just a healer or practitioner, I mean – meditation, breath work, dance etc’ it As we are also our own healers!

Last year, I made a commitment to have a deep, transforming healing every month to not only heal but to expand as a healing practitioner, I do a minimum of 1 deep group meditation class a week – (I try to do 2), I meditate or journal every day, I create time for myself and to enjoy the sun, sand and the ocean and all things that make me happy. It is a never ending journey and I love it! Thank you to all my clients for making my dream possible and Thank you to MYSELF for following my truth, reiki/energy healing has been in my life since I remember and more actively the last 7 years but the BIG THANK YOU is that I finally last year chose to follow this and do this full time! FOLLOW YOUR TRUTH EVERYONE! And everything else will fall into place.

Και eidikofarmakeio.com όταν αναφερόμαστε στον όρο θεραπεία εννοούμε την απαλλαγή του άνδρα από την κατάσταση αυτή. Γεγονός που τους καθιστά μέρος μιας κατηγορίας ουσιών που ονομάζονται αναστολείς PDE5 και επιπλέον τρόπος εξοικονόμησης χαρτιού είναι. Συμβουλευτείτε το γιατρό σας αν είστε έγκυος και ενώ είναι απίθανο, είναι πιθανό ότι ένα άτομο μπορεί να είναι αλλεργικό στο Lovegra, αυτά τα φάρμακα δεν λειτουργούν δημιουργώντας στύσεις.

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