1-1 6 Week Online Mentoring & Guidance Container

1-1 6 Week Online Mentoring & Guidance Container

A supportive journey working with Chelsea receiving guidance to innerstand core wounds, patterns, disconnects, blocks and blind spots.

This self-catered to you container will assist you in connecting with yourself deeper and understanding yourself and what Spirit is asking of you.

Empowering you to master your emotions and regulate yourself

This container is womb-heart lead mentoring with light process work and somatic meditations.

I say light process work as I have learnt over time, that somatic tantric arts at its depth, simply cannot be done online at its full potential. I don’t want to do my work or you injustice by saying the online work is the same as in person.

Therefore I have created this container of what I can give at the best ability behind a screen distantly. Together I will guide you through shadows, blind spots, chanel and work together with frequency and guided processes.

Together we will explore your patterns, bring love and healing to the roots and I will guide you through processes and embodiment practices for you to to access deeper emotionally within. Alchemizing, healing and empowering you.

This is for womben who are truly ready to let go of victimhood and take responsibility for their shadows.

This is for womben ready to receive uncomfortable reflections and feedback to transmute shadows and connect to a deeper self love and authenticity.

This is for womben desiring to grow and connect deeper with their truth and integrity

If you are not ready to meet both the dark and light parts of you on an in depth level- I will not be the right fit for you.

What you will finish with leaving this container;

  • Being able to self regulate yourself
  • Have more awareness of self, shadows and patterns
  • Have a deeper more intimate relationship with self
  • Awareness around patterns and shadows
  • Feel more confident
  • A sense of faith and trust
  • Show up more authentically
  • Awareness and compassion for core wounds and trauma

This is perfect for;

  • Womben who are desiring to work with Chelsea and are only able to access online
  • Womben who have worked with Chelsea before and want to receive distant support.
  • Practitioners in service who are wanting extra support with their service to their clients.
  • Womben who will later work with Chelsea in person


  • 1 hour sessions weekly
  • Home work and home work accountability
  • Voicenotes or follow up emails on homework every other week / when necessary

Energetic exchange of self-investment:

15,000,000 IDR