~ Booking Instructions ~

Welcome to Sakti Healing! Thank you for hearing the call for connecting with yourself consciously and your interest in our guidance!

For 1-1 bookings in Bali

For those who are here in Bali, please head to the ‘In person and online services’ page.
You will find images with titles of different types of services. Please click on the image and the written info should pop up on your screen. Once you have read through the info, go to the grey button below that says ‘Booking Services’

Choose the date and time that feels good to you and there you go!

When you are filling in your details, it is super helpful for us if you can please include your WhatsApp contact number so the girls at Sakti Healing can directly WhatsApp you to confirm. The Whatsapp number is +6282236484894

For 1-1 bookings online

Please head to the ‘In person and online services’ page, scroll a little down and you will find the online services.

Click on the image to read the written info about the services.

If you would like to book an online tarot reading, please email to hello@saktihealing.com and the girls will fit you into a time that suits your time zone and our time zone.

If you would like to book an online session with Chelsea – please email her directly on Chelsea@saktihealing.com and she will contact you with further info and fit you into a time that suits both of you.

Courses with Chelsea

If you are feeling called to enroll on an online course created by Chelsea, firstly head to the courses page.

Spend time tuning into what feels right for you and what area of your live you are feeling called to dive deep into.

Chelsea works very in depth and created this online courses so people are able to go deeper alone at home.

Chelsea recognized that a lot of people had difficulty with integration alone, they didnt know where to start or what to journal on, how to meditate etc.
Her courses are a support system to keep for a life time.

She recommends you do the course more than once.

Mentorship with Chelsea

If you are feeling called to work in depth and regularly with Chelsea. Please head to the ‘Mentorship page’

The Empowered Priestess Path is for those who are already devoted to inner work and conscious living.

This is an application process so Chelsea can understand your needs and experience on a deeper level.

Please fill out the application and Chelsea will be notified and will email you within a few days after receiving your application.

Thank you thank you thank you