Sacred Temple Healing Arts Facilitator Training

Thank you & we honor you for hearing the call to embark on this journey of facilitator training in somatic, shamanic, tantric healing arts. Please read below and see PDF attached for the full information 

This facilitator training is a combination of holding space for Tantric embodiment, Shamanic Temple ceremonies, in depth shadow work & somatic healing.

In Sacred Temple Healing Arts you will journey through the importance of healing on all levels of consciousness to understand & innerstand as a womben the complex, Divine Universe of the Womb, to understand and navigate the intricate mind & it’s distortions, to connect with the body and release what is stored & awaken the energetic pleasure & life force within. 

You will remember your eternal connection to Spirit, to the Divine, to our Ancestors, the unseen and why ritual is totally sacred and extremely essential in this modern day world.

In this training you will heal, learn and embody the path of Sacred Temple Healing Arts. You will create a mature, intimate, deep relationship with yourself, others, the elements and the unseen.

Throughout the entire training this is preparing & teaching you to hold ceremonies, wombens circles and 1-1 sessions online & in person.



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This is not for sisters who:
  • You are not deep in your own personal healing journey 
  • You are not able to take responsibility for your life
  • You are not ready to meet uncomfortable parts of yourself 
  • You are not looking for an embodiment training
  • You don’t believe that your relationship with your womb is an essential part to knowing who you are 
  • You don’t believe in the power of the unseen and your connection to the elements 
  • You expect Chelsea / someone external to meet ALL of your needs
  • You are not ready to look at your shadows to alchemize them
  • You don’t want to go into the core wounds of your trauma and hold space for that
This is for sisters who:
  • You hold a deep passion for healing arts
  • You have a desire to intimately connect & weave intimacy into your teachings and space holding
  • You desire an embodiment training to truly integrate and then teach the importance of healing body, mind & soul
  • You desire to deepen your connection with your body, womb and soul
  • Womben who desire to hold space for the womb and Yoni
  • You desire to move through blocks around sexuality, sensuality, abundance, boundaries, childhood trauma, relationship patterns, shadow behavior and desire to share this in space holding
  • You understand that healing must be through the body, mind and Spirit it cannot be only intellectualized it must be embodied.
  • You know you are the creatrix of your reality and it is up to you to heal and transform
  • You are looking for a facilitator training that also prioritizes teaching you safety, integrity and the intricate parts of the shadow side of space holding & how to move through and transmute them
  • You have feel a strong soul calling to hold space for the collective
  • You are already in leadership or space holding (this is not essential, if the person has already been deep in their own healing journey)
  • You are aware this is not only a training. This is a rebirth of yourself.
What you will gain :
  • You will feel a deeper connection to yourself and others
  • You will be able to feel the divine connection between yourself and the elements
  • You will deepen your connection to the unseen and understand how to read and hear energy and messages (begin to tap in and develop your chaneling abilities)
  • Hold 1:1 and group sessions. Wombens circles and ceremonies (online and in person)
  • Specialize in holding space for womb healing and sacred sexuality
  • Specialize in somatic shamanic healing
  • Embrace intimacy and create intimate containers
  • Hold your inner sacred union of your divine feminine & divine masculine.
  • You will understand and be able to teach more womb based teachings, Yoni anatomy, cycles, healing sexual shame and trauma.
  • You will be able to hold containers to activate life force energy and connect with sensual receptive energy and welcome shame free pleasure
  • Learn how to work with sacred fire and fire ceremonies. Water ceremonies and more elemental connections
  • Hold inner child healings & somatic therapy
  • Be able to guide and coach womben using different therapy modalities
  • Teach embodiment practices
  • Hold retreats, containers and 1-1 both online and in person
Energetic Exchange

124,000,000IDR Paid in full before January 30th (124,000,000 is around £7,300) 

130,000,000 for payment plans that end March 10th (130,000,000 is around £7670)

(If you have any special requests/ questions regarding payment plan you can add into your application)

After application is complete, the team will reach out with you to organize a call with Chelsea

There will be a following 3-4 day training after this training for those wanting to hold space for Yoni mapping healings also. Please state on your application form if you are interested in holding space for this further in depth work.
This training MUST be completed first.

Extras :

You will also have access to all of Chelsea’s pre recorded courses for your own inner healing to complete before you attend the training if you wish (highly recommended)

Through out the entire time of in the person training part – your meals will be provided when we are in between ceremonies / workshops

12 nights accommodation (you will have your OWN PRIVATE ROOM) is included out of the 18 days together

To know:
This is an investment; yes you are spending this money as the aligned energetic exchange.

However, These are tools you will use for LIFE. What you learn in this training and experience will ripple out into your entire life. For many many years ahead.

I STILL use my tools from all trainings – since I was 18 years old. I even still use my tools from that training 10 years ago!

Note: remember RESISTANCE WILL COME UP. Projections, judgements, emotions, anger, fear, stuckness – is all normal and part of the process

Welcome to Sacred Temple Healing Arts Faciliator Training!

About Chelsea

Chelsea is a teacher & leader in healing trauma & activating life force energy. Specializing in wombens healing, Chelsea’s work is Womb & Yoni focused.

Chelsea is an expert in womb healing & shadow work. Chelsea is able to get to the core within minutes. Many have shared, what they have received in 1 session with Chelsea was beyond years of mainstream therapy.

Read more about me...

Chelsea has held much over 1000 1-1 sessions, over 50 in person ceremonies & workshops, 9 in person retreats, multiple in person & online containers and continues to expand.

Chelsea has trained, studied and learnt since the age of 18 where she completed her first energy healing training over 10 years ago.

She has trained and studied with somatic healing experts, shamanic tribes, Reiki masters, tantric leaders, sexologist teachers, psychotherapists & body workers.

Through her trainings, in depth experience & her ability to channel and cut through the BS, she created; The Sacred Temple Healing Arts Facilitator Training & Online Temple Membership.