~ Terms of Service ~

Terms of Service

When working with energy, the unseen, and in-depth emotions in all sessions it is best to be prepared. Please come with great respect to the land, the unseen forces, the therapist and your inner being.

  • Please wear thin clothes (no denim)
  • Please avoid coffee and caffeine on the day of your session.
  • Please go to toilet before your session so you will not need a toilet break during the session.


We kindly ask you to NOT COME/arrive online any earlier than 5 minutes as the therapist will be preparing.


  • When undergoing energetic and emotional work, you are entering the unknown. This must come from your own free will.
  • Uncomfortable emotions, memories, feelings and sensations may arise in 1-1 sessions/group sessions and courses.
  • Whilst we offer a sacred, safe space for the greater good of all beings, We (Sakti Healing) are not reliable or responsible for the healing journey of any client. The client is their own medicine, we are just holding the space and being a vessel for that in-depth healing.
  • Sakti Healing has been uniquely created – all teachings, sharings and publishing are subjected to copyright
Disclaimer to Chelseas teachings:

You are your own medicine , you are in control how how deep you want to journey and heal.
With complete dedication and dropping the ego, mind and judgement to this in depth healing work you will be able to surrender into full initiation & the woman you are becoming, connected to the Earth, womb & Source.

When working with Chelsea I declare:

‘I am aware that working with energetic, emotional clearing work, shamanic tantrik arts means I am diving into the depths of the unknown parts of myself and I understand that I am engaging in sacred ritual work. I am responsible for my own healing and any discomfort I may experience when facing my subconscious to free my self on a deeper level.

I am taking part in this healing work in accordance to my own free will and I declare that I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY HEALING JOURNEY.
I come into this healing work with great respect for the Balinese land that Chelsea works from, the unseen, the spirit that guides Chelsea through her work, my guides and ancestors supporting me through this.

I understand that I cannot re-teach any of Chelseas teachings and tools. I understand to re teach I must undergo the learnings from the elders and the teachers who shared their arts with Chelsea. I understand I cannot use Chelseas work in my work. I may feel inspired by Chelseas work and I understand Chelsea encourages me to bring this into my life and work – without copying word for word and tool for tool.

With full understanding I release Chelsea Victoria Etienne & Sakti healing from any and all liability. I am ready to commit to healing and connection. I am ready to step into my higher self!’