1-1 Internal Sovereignty Mentorship


1-1 Internal Sovereignty Mentorship

8 Week Journey

This 1-1 Mentorship is a deep embodied journey of multi-dimensional awakening & healing on all levels of consciousness. This is a unique, catered to you journey of where you are at and what you are moving through.

We will work energetically & emotionally within the body and psyche on a tantric somatic level, which means; you are in for deep self-discovery, confronting shadows and truly remembering and expressing who you are.

Within the containment of my support the sessions are; messy, real, ugly, raw and true. It’s chaotic, gentle, big, loud, expressive, sensual, quiet, soft, surrendered, integrative, supportive, beautiful, animalistic, unconditional loving, authentic, pure and sacred.
This is tantric, somatic embodied shadow work. This is feminine arts.

We are not here to be robots who don’t feel alive, kept in a box; created by programming and suppression

We are here to live, to feel, meet & know our selves intimately.

I am here to hold your hand, contain you, ground you, support you & see you through this journey.

What you will finish this container with:

  • Feeling connected to your emotional body
  • Embodying the most authentic version of you, that you have been
  • Connection to a more authentic expression 
  • Intimate relationship with self and ability to deepen intimacy with others
  • Connection to your primal and sensual selves – leading to more pleasure.
  • Ability to self regulate and master your emotions & triggers
  • Expressing your inner feminine whilst being held by your own inner masculine 
  • Ability to connect with self and others on a deep emotional level
  • Less dependent on others (if your anxious attached) OR open to more intimacy (if your avoidant)
  • Feeling a connection to your Womb and living from this center


(Remember the journey is never done. There is no finish line. Post this container you will be encouraged and integrated in a way that prepares you to continue the path of inner work and truth however that looks for you. Chelsea can only take you to where you are ready to be taken and from the frequency place you are already at – this looks different and unique to everyone. However the above will be achieved at the frequency you are at)

Mentorship Includes:

  • 2 hour 1-1 weekly sessions over 8 weeks
  • Customized meditations
  • Homeworks & homework accountability 
  • Voice messages from Chelsea reflecting on the post session and what she feels you need to really focus on that week (WHEN required)



  • Extra email/voice message support directly from Chelsea if needed (this is only if truly needed, as Chelsea wants to support you to not rely on her to save you and build your own anchor for you to rise from the ashes from addiction to victimhood)

This Mentorship is not for you if : 

  • You don’t or don’t want to believe that your relationship with your womb & emotional body is an essential part to knowing who you are 
  • You don’t believe or want to believe in the power of the unseen all
  • You don’t want to take responsibility 
  • You want Chelsea to do the healing/work for you and stay attached to victimhood
  • You expect Chelsea / someone external to meet ALL of your needs and save you
  • You aren’t ready to look at your shadows to alchemize them

If you are not ready to meet both the dark and light parts of you on an in depth level- I will not be the right guide for you.

This container is only for womben who are already in deep devotion to their healing journey & growth; For those who understand it is confronting and uncomfortable at times, however inner work feels non-negotiable to them. 

For womben who are desiring to receive support, love and guidance through the dark and light!

Energetic exchange of self-investment:

34,000,000 IDR (around £1,734 depending on the day of exchange rate)

For your investment – A deposit is required on confirmation. And then payments can be made in 2 installments for those who cannot pay full upfront. 

Slight negotiation to payment plan can be made.