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Bios of therapists


Chelsea is a big hearted, highly intuitive channel who has been rooted into Bali for 11 years. 

She is the creatrix of Sakti Healing store and healing space. And creatrix of her school for facilitator trainings; Sacred Temple Healing Arts. 

Chelsea is working mind (psychological principles and intricate shadow work), body (womb focused) & Spirit (channeling, ritual and energetics) Chelsea lives in deep devotion to her own path, always deepening her understanding and embodying her wisdom around trauma, the womb, the body and subconscious and conscious mind. 

Chelsea completed her first energy training over 10 years ago, with her path extremely deepening 7 years ago where she discovered her true path being Womb focused. 

Chelsea’s soul mission is working with complexity of the Womb, the intricacy of sexual trauma; specializing in Yoni de armourings and working somatically with childhood trauma. 

Chelsea holds space for channeling, guidance & energetic release sessions(v limited), Yoni healings(application only), retreats, Facilitator trainings and mentorships. 

Chelsea’s personal trainings, certificates & diplomas:

  • Somatic, shamanic healing arts
  • Tantric energetics embodiment 
  • Yoni mapping 1 year extended training 
  • Diploma in Professional Psychotherapy (still ongoing and in completion)
  • Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care
  • Reiki energetics 1&2 

Beyond the certificates, Chelsea believes what makes her work so unique is her intuitive channel, Chelsea receives visuals and has a passionate understanding of the subconscious mind helping her read between the lines to get to the core.

Overall what further glues it all together is; Chelsea’s deep devotion to her own personal healing where she is always working in depth with her own space holders who she highly respects to unlock her blind spots and shadows. After healing, understanding and truly embodying from her own personal experience she then weaves this into her work.

Chelsea is deeply experienced & has worked with over thousands of womben and has held over 10 retreats/containers over the years. 

Please note: we do not yet know when the next facilitator training will be, please sign up to the mail list to be informed in future. 

All bookings with Chelsea go through her team via WhatsApp. Any questions regarding mentorships, containers and retreats please email ; clientcare@saktihealing.com


Ayu is a traditional Balinese healer, whose life is dedicated to ceremony, ritual, crystal healings and traditional Balinese healings.

Ayu is a gentle, psychic soul who works at Sakti doing Crystal healings and tarot readings. When she reads tarot, she specializes reading your spiritual journey, in this human life. To book with Ayu, please book crystal healings or tarot readings.


Ady is a profound tarot reader, who works with his intuitive gifts to guide you through the reading. Ady has been reading tarot since 2008 where he since dedicated a huge part of his life to reading and helping others through tarot. His passion is to guide and hold space for others. To book with Ady, book tarot readings.


Indri is a mama, breathwork and reiki practitioner. She discovered Alchemy of Breath in 2014, which is a connected, conscious breathing exercise that can help release stored emotions to live a deeply connected life. This brought a major change in Indri’s life.

Vedic astrology readings with Luh


Luh was born form a Balinese high Priest where her siblings are now also Hindu Priests.

Instead of Luh following the specific traditions of her family she branched out into a different Spiritual path after facing many life challenges of depression, addictions and cancer.

Luh combined her healing wisdom of herbs she was taught by her Grandparents and deepened her knowledge through modern day learning.

She then began to combine everything she learnt to heal. Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, herbal medicine, crystal healing, energy healing and ayuverda life style.

In 2016 Luh began holding regular workshops on Chakra, crystal healing, pranayama and yoga.

Luh traveled around Indonesia, South Asia, France, India, Nepal & Sri Lanka teaching her own yoga teacher training in 2018. This is when Luh began learn Vedic astrology in Rishikesh.

Luh has chose to follow her path calling of healing and using Vedic astrology to heal.

In a session with Luh she will read the following ;

  • – Life path
  • – Reletationship
  • – Financial
  • – Career
  • – Special event
  • – Health
  • – life Prediction for 2 years
  • – Remedies: what to do, mantra, yoga pratice to treat the weak body part or organ, right diet to balance their dosha, which crystal & aromatherapy to use to treat the most issue, etc