The Path to Sacred Union Immersion

The Path to Sacred Union Immersion

30th May - June 2nd
Begins evening of the 30th of May and ends the afternoon of June the 2nd

The journey of the feminine is an immense one filled with nuances. 

Our energetic, emotional body & subconscious mind holds all of our beliefs, experiences, emotions which includes about men and how we relate with them.

This energy we hold within, consciously or unconsciously is what is communicating to others around us – not just our verbal communication. 

Together we will release and work on our subconscious beliefs around men, relating with men, around who we are and how we desire to show up in our feminine essence. 

Together we will work on the trauma that is blocking us from being receptive, open and vulnerable. 

Together we will work on what prevents us from really loving and admiring men. 

On this journey we will also delve into personal extensive shadow work that keeps us looping in unhealthy patterns and distortions and disconnects us from our feminine.

We will soften, dance, connect in intimacy and embrace our feminine essence. 


  • Somatic trauma releases
  • Extensive shadow work
  • Embodiment practices
  • Workshopping on relating & communicating with men
  • Softening, dance, intimacy and more

Also includes:

  • Meals
  • Refreshments

What you will finish with:

  • Feeling connected to your emotional body
  • Connection to a more authentic expression 
  • Intimate relationship with self and ability to deepen intimacy with others
  • Understanding and knowledge to take home on creating polarity and communicating with men 
  • A deeper love and appreciation for men 
  • A deeper understanding of common patterns womben do that prevent polarity and create emasculation 
  • Feeling more open yet healthily contained 
  • Huge insights to self patterns and shadows. Awareness leads to ending them and integrating them OUT of your life
  • Connection to your primal and sensual selves 
  • Expressing your inner feminine whilst being held by your own inner masculine 
  • Connection with self and others on a deeper emotional level
  • Feeling a connection to your Womb and emotional body
  • New intimate sisterhood and friendships

There is a lot of depth and wisdom I’ll be sharing that I have not shared before. This has been my journey the last years but with a major focus the last 6 months of embodying and catching and learning any nuances that I wasn’t aware of before. I have grown and evolved tremendously in the last months, and with that my work has evolved. I am excited to share from this space 

Energetic exchange of self-investment:

14,300,000 IDR

Payment plans available

This is for womben who understand that in depth healing means taking responsibility and accountability and can be confronting. This is for womben desiring to receive support and guidance through the dark and light! 


The Path to Sacred Union Immersion with Chelsea


The journey of the feminine is an immense one filled with nuances.