Healing The Rites of Passage 2 day Immersion

July 27th - 30th

Healing The Rites of Passage 2 day Immersion

July 27th - 30th

During this immersion, we’ll be focusing on three rites of passage, while also interweaving teachings, guidance, practices and connection for your own healing and growth.

The three rites of passage that we will be focusing on and healing are; three major rites of passage for the feminine.

  • Being birthed.
  • The first menstruation.
  • The first time having sex.

These are major passageways for the feminine and are special moments of your evolution and unique soul growth.

These rites of passage are for embracing the inner feminine; her vulnerability, her wisdom, her receptivity and more. These are sacred moments where the veil was so thin for us during growth.

You have entered and gone through all three of these rites of passage if you were born, had your first period, and had your first sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately for most of us, they didn’t feel like a sacred rite of passage.

For most of us, they were moments of fear, shame or trauma.

When we go back to somatically heal these moments and recreate ceremonies for them, we bring healing for future rites of passage that we will enter through; such as marriage, birth and so on.

On this immersion journey we will also be journeying into the deeper aspects of the feminine. Innerstanding it is challenging to truly embody the feminine after living with trauma and fear. 

However to live in greater harmony with both the masculine and the feminine, it is necessary to connect and embody your feminine essence.

You will receive healing and tools to continue to surrender to your inner feminine. 

You will receive :

  • Circle , sister connection , deepening intimacy with self and others 
  • Loving and supportive guidance, insights and reflections – extensive shadow work 
  • Somatic energy work for each rite of passage
  • Ritual for each rite of passage 
  • Embodiment practices
  • Dance, love and empowerment
  • Closing ceremony 


  • Meals
  • Coconut water 
  • Rest and refreshment time 

What you will gain and leave with :

  • Healing major passageways and pivotal moments of your life
  • Your inner being feeling seen and understood
  • A deeper connection with your emotional and energetic body
  • Tools to use to help connect with your inner being and get into your body
  • Healing that prepares you for future rites of passage
  • Feeling more centered and trust within yourself
  • Feeling a sense of connection to your womb
  • Feeling a sense of connection within your feminine and masculine
  • Understanding on relating with the masculine and understanding how we are so extremely different

Who is this for?

  • For those wanting to receive support and guidance through deep healing 
  • For those who understand the importance of shadow work
  • For those wanting to work somatically and energetically through the body 
  • For those who are ready to face unknown parts & patterns of themselves and take loving accountability 
  • For those who are ready to do the work and not expect it to be done for them
  • For those who are preparing for pregnancy 
  • For those who are preparing for future marriage and family unite
  • For those ready to connect deeper to themselves and the emotional body 
  • For those wanting to connect in sacred ritual and healing past parts of self 
  • For those wanting to connect with other womben in a safe space


If you are someone who has also transitioned through GIVING BIRTH or MARRIAGE RITES OF PASSAGE – you are more than welcome to still come and this is still for you.

And if you want to do rites of passage healing and ceremonies for these two also, you can contact to do 1-1 with Chelsea post Immersion or she will provide tools for you to do a mini/lighter version that you dont need someone to hold you through.