Weekend retreat Chelsea & Shelly



Chelsea walks a path of Sacred Temple Healing arts; devoted to prayer, in depth shadow work, healing trauma in the body (specializing in yoni & womb) and elemental shamanic practices. Chelsea works alongside Spirit holding chanellings, deep energetic clearing sessions, Sacred Yoni Mapping healings & womens group work.

Originally from a small island, Jersey Channel Islands, where she did her first energy healing trainings at 17, Chelsea then moved to Bali after a loss of a loved one.
After completing her first energy healing training as a teenager, Chelsea knew this connection to the divine was something unexplainable and something she would need to persue later in her life. After years of building her relationship with Spirit, exploring healing modalities, diving into in depth shadow work, deep committed regular healing, years of yoni, womb, tantric trainings and studies with different ancient lineages of the Central and South Americans, Balinese traditions and her ancestry roots of paganism; Chelsea formed her own unique work of Sacred Temple Healing Arts.


Shelly is a world-class somatic healer, intuitive guide and activator of the life force within you.

With over 20 years of hands-on work with 1,000’s of clients, her work is precise, rapid and transformational. Her innate gift gives her access to see, hear and feel the distortions existing in your energy field lodged from past trauma, and where outdated belief systems are blocking you from experiencing your wholeness.

What can take countless hours in therapy can be transmuted in minutes with Shelly. Her clear channel directs her straight to the source, whilst placing the healing firmly in your hands. The result? A surrender to the truth of who we really and a clear pathway to living the life and having the impact you are here to have in this world.

🌹 Upcoming retreats :

Know Your Soul
The Path of Transcendence
Weekend Immersion

🌹May 27th – May 29th 🌹

On this transformational immersion we will transcend distortions, conditionings and the belief systems of our ego & who our ego identifies as. Through deep healing and remembering we surrender to the knowing of truth. Healing on all layers of consciousness, we journey through the burdens and shackles of resistance & pain we are subconsciously trapped in and journey home to what we already know on a soul level; that we are so much more than we could ever have dreamt of.

This weekend immersion is a multiple ceremonial immersion of in depth body work, emotional + energetic release and connection with the divine co created and held by Shelly & Chelsea.

All meals and accommodation are provided

Early bird ends May 13th
Energetic exchange from May 13th 11.100.000

Apply here ; https://r2k2qgdgaj9.typeform.com/to/EQMdAZGS