The Power of Prayer 4 week Temple Container

4 week Online Temple Container that includes:
  • FB group to connect with all your sisters
  •  Sacred, safe space to connect with like minded sisters
  • 4 x 90min – 2 hour Live ceremony workshops every Sunday including the new moon & full moon
  • Learning / remembering the power of prayer, the meaning of prayer, why its powerful to pray, cultivating a powerful prayer
  • History of giving offerings to the Earth & Spirit.
  • 3 guided ritual offerings
  • Reawaken your connection to the elements
  • Yoni steam ceremony in a powerful temple container with your sisters, clearing the tissues & cells of your sacred centre
  • Cacao ceremony & connecting with the Spirit of the sacred plant cacao – learning about plant spirits
  • Group channeling / reading
  • We will work with a different Goddess/angel each week and activate her codes within and weave her into your life
  • Embodiment practices
  • Tools for regulating your nervous system
  • All will be recorded
  • Breath work meditation & activating meditations
  • PDFs & videos of meditation and ritual ‘homework’
  • Awakening your inner priestess & divine feminine
  • And so much more
By joining this beautiful Temple you will takeaway :
  • Understanding the depth of prayer
  • Soften into a nurtured, safe, loving container
  • Remember the connection between yourself, womb and the elements
  • Remember the elements are the bridge between the seen and unseen
  • Activate & expand your channeling abilities / Third eye / Crown Chakra
  • Clear the tissues of your Yoni on a powerful healing level
  • Connect and learn about the Spirit of Cacao
  • Make new friends and sister connections
  • Connect with your guides & ancestors on a in depth level
  • Gain clarity on your path
  • Gain clarity on what your calling in
  • Soften into your soft, nurturing, loving feminine essence
  • Healing your nervous system and parts of the psyche
  • Remember who you are before the conditioning of society
  • Connect deeper with your womb
  • Awaken your inner priestess
  • And so much more


Each ceremony workshop will container in depth teachings and sharings, meditations, breathwork, womb connection, taoist ancient practices, the opportunity to share and gain support, channeling and activating meditations & breath meditations.

This Temple container will support you in every day life and intense situations and events of being a human for now and in the future. This Temple container has been specifically designed to awaken the remembering of who you truly are and be nurtured and loved in that space.

We will begin this Temple container on the 22nd of August 

Live ceremonies:
  • Sunday 24th October 8am

    Sunday 31st 8am 

    Sunday 7th November 8am

    Sunday 14th 8am 

 note : Bali time zone (GMT+8)

If you are feeling called please email to book a discovery call & confirm your spot. 

Energetic exchange will to be paid via transferwise / international bank transfer sending Indonesian rupiah

Email to confirm your space ASAP x