~ Mentorship Program ~

~ Mentorship Program ~

The Blossoming  –  Empowered Priestess Path – 2 hour private sessions weekly over 8 weeks.

8 week program for sisters who are already in service or those who are already deeply devoted to their inner growth and are wanting to call in powerful support. This program is tailor made to the individual to meet their needs.

Over 8 weeks you will receive in depth energetic and emotional clearing sessions, womb embodiment practices, releasing unhealthy conditionings and beliefs, spiritual guidance and coaching, healing past trauma in depth, shadow work, connecting with your feminine essence, connecting with your womb and heart embodiment practices and guidance around being the highest form of space holder working from your heart and connected to your womb.

With every practice you will be brought back to the deep remembering of your connection with the Great Earth Mother and your true soul essence.

Note. that this is not a training, however Chelseas belief is we can only hold a container for another the deeper we meet ourselves, through in depth shadow work, clearing, coaching and embodiment practices you then are able to hold your own life, clients and loved ones on a profoundly deep, authentic level.

What is included;

– Energetic container of where you are held by Chelsea for the entire mentorship – through prayers, offerings, check ins & sessions

– 2 hour weekly mentorship session

– Weekly email check in 

– Rituals / meditations / home work to focus on 

Energetic exchange – self investment of 33,000,000 IDR 

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Sacred Sensuality Activation
4 week 1-1 Temple

This is only for sisters who have completed the The Blossoming – Empowered Priestess Path mentorship or have worked at least 5 times with Chelsea in 1-1 sessions and she feels comfortable that you have moved through enough shadow.

Once we have moved through deep rooted wounds, shadow work & traumas. Chelsea feels the container is then safe & ready to work in assisting you to connect with your sensuality even deeper, activate your magnetism and move through any blocks that are keeping you from pleasure.

This is especially for womben who find it ‘cringey’ or ‘embarrassing’ or hold judgements around women who are sexy or express their sensuality. Through this we can understand the blocks and beliefs around this and break through them to re awaken the sexy, divine, Priestess that you truly are.

This is for women find it difficult in receiving pleasure, being intimate with their partner or even themselves, this is for women who struggle to drop in to shameless connection and express their divine, sensual Goddess

Although we may cover some or a lot of this in the mentorship (depending on you specifically), the intention of this container is to heal using sensuality, pleasure & activation.

• 4 x 2 hour sessions
• Prayer
• Releasing blocks and wounds connected to your sensuality
• Guided Yoni mapping and dearmoring
• Embodiment practices and rituals
• Sensual ’Home work’ practices and rituals

Energetic exchange – self investment of 12,000,000 IDR (Indonesian rupiah)

Please check your current exchange if you are outside of Bali

You must of had at least 4 weeks break to integrate the mentorship before embarking on this journey

Email chelsea@saktihealing.com for further info