Ceremonial clearing day

A ceremonial day of deep shamanic clearing medicine – 3 clearing ceremonies and rituals to assist in leading you back to your true soul essence. Breaking through cultural conditioning, shame and disconnection with our true selves. ✨

Inner child workshop – shamanic Breath work, tuning into inner child, deep releasing ceremony.

-snack break-

Ancestral clearing – aspecting work to assist in opening our throat chakra, releasing any resentment, pain and clearing for our ancestral line.

-dinner break-

Tatewari – GrandFather Fire ceremony – releasing hooks and attachments to past lovers, past versions of ourselves, unhealthy patterns, karmic hooks and attachments ✨


This is a deep journey of 3 ceremonies stripping back layers of conditioning, trauma, pain and coming home to the heart.


Aligned energetic exchange: 1,300,000 idr rupiah

Starting at 11am – finishing 8.30pm ❤️

(food and drinking water included)


Email or WhatsApp to sign up x