~ Becoming Sovereign Mentorship ~

~ Becoming Sovereign Mentorship ~

Exclusive to 4 soul aligned clients who are a full body yes to true transformation, alchemising blind spots

Sisters who are able to take radical responsibility and are devoted to saying goodbye to victim mentality & the blame game and innerstand they are the creatrix of their reality.

This container is a feminine based mentorship for sisters who are already in deep devotion in their healing journey.

An expansive container of multi modality and multi dimensional healing on all levels of consciousness alchemizing our shadows to manifest the life we want to create

To manifest that life we must heal the trauma on a cellular level within

Nothing is separate and everything touches everything. Therefore this container will touch all areas of your life. Child hood trauma, becoming a womb centered womben connected to Earth & Spirit, healing and creating a sacred relationship with our womb, manifesting, relationships, sensuality and intimacy whilst always weaving shadow work into all sessions.

Cultivating and remembering your soul essence and connection to the elements. Remembering that you are always held by the Earth Mother and this is your anchor.

This is for sisters who are a full yes to expansion and investing in themselves for their health, future and expansion.

“This is a unique special offer as I am only taking 4 sisters for this container which means you are receiving my full presence to do 1-1 work together whilst also in a container. When I’m working 1-1 with another sister it is on some level talking to you too. That’s how containers work, you are not only receiving from me but also the sisters and the container itself 💥”

6 week journey of 2 – 2.5 hour per week

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Extras :

  • Access to all pre recorded online courses.
  • Cutting cords fire ceremony.
  • 1 day immersion amongst the 6 weeks.
  • An online container that holds the group together (eg like a fb group – where you can share and receive support from each other . Chelsea will check the group Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursdays weekly. If there are any major emergencies you can email Chelsea directly
  • 1-2 personalized somatic meditation journeys for the part of you that Chelsea sees your struggling with the most (e.g self worth, inner sacred union, surrender, being in the body)


This is not for you if :

  • You don’t believe that your relationship with your womb is an essential part to knowing who you are.
  • You don’t believe in the power of the unseen and our connection to the elements.
  • You don’t want to take responsibility.
  • You want Chelsea to do the healing/work for you.
  • You expect Chelsea / someone external to meet ALL of your needs.
  • You aren’t ready to look at your shadows to alchemize them.
  • This is not for you if your not ready to meet the uncomfortable parts of yourself.


This is for you if :

  • You desire to lead your life from your womb and intuitive power centre.
  • You want to cultivate a loving relationship with your body & sacred centre.
  • You desire to move through blocks around sexuality, sensuality, abundance, boundaries, childhood trauma, relationship patterns, shadow behavior and how you show up in the world.
  • You understand that healing must be through the body, mind and Spirit it cannot be intellectualized it must be embodied.
  • You know you are the creatrix of your reality and it is up to you to heal and transform.
  • You have a strong interest in attending Chelsea’s training in April 2023 (to be announced).


NOT AVAILABLE. If you are interested in joining the next container please email hello@saktihealing.com



An online version container for a group of 4 sisters is also available.

When filling out the application, please write if your applying to do online or in person (Bali).

FULL Payment DOES NOT need to be made upfront.