1-1 Internal Sovereignty Mentorship

Yoni Mapping Healings

A two fold session

These journeys are a ceremonial psychosomatic healing where we work on the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual levels of consciousness.

These sessions are for womben;

  • Who are on a healing journey around their inner feminine or/and sexual shame
  • Who are preparing for pregnancy
  • Womben who are wanting to open up to a deeper part of their expression
  • Womben healing from abortion, miscarriage, rape, birth, caesareans, abuse and more
  • Womben who are wanting to create a greater connection to their reproductive system and sacred space
  • Who want to heal pelvic tension and create space for pleasure
  • Who are wanting to connect with their menstruation cycle and/or balance hormones
  • Who would like assistance in fertility
  • Who want to Resensitize numbness and connect back with natural lubrication and juices
  • Who want help with pain/ discomfort during love making

This is an in depth journey over 2 sessions.

  • Day 1 : A 1.5 hour session
  • Day 2 : A 3 hour session
Energetic exchange: 6,500,000 IDR

Please share some info with Chelsea to apply to receive this journey