Womb of Creation August retreat

7th – 13th August 

A truly transformational retreat di-secting shadow patterns, core wounds & disconnection. Transforming and alchemizing pain into gold & awakening the sensual Goddess within.

Chelsea is working mind (psychological principles and intricate shadow work), body (womb focused) & Spirit (ritual and energetics)

Although Chelsea works very ritualistic, does not mean she bypasses the intricate shadows we find in Spiritual community & general collective. Chelsea is taking radical responsibility and guiding you into the blind spots & distortions of the ego. Which therefore actually brings us deeper into our hearts & not a hierarchy

We will emerge into ceremonies multiple times a day together weaving in the sacred essence of the divine feminine & masculine


Nothing is separate and everything touches everything. Therefore this container will touch all areas of your life. Working through child hood trauma, remembering you are a womb centered womben connected to Earth & Spirit, healing and creating a sacred relationship with our womb, activating pleasure, manifesting, relationships, sensuality and intimacy whilst always weaving shadow work into the ceremonies.

This retreat is exclusive to soul aligned womben who are ready to let go of attachment to victimhood and are calling in true transformation, alchemizing blind spots, shadows & remembering their sovereignty.

This is not for you if:
  • You don’t believe that your relationship with your womb is an essential part to knowing who you are
  • You don’t believe in the power of the unseen and our connection to the elements
  • You don’t want to take responsibility
  • You want Chelsea to do the healing/work for you
  • You expect Chelsea / someone external to meet ALL of your needs
  • You aren’t ready to look at your shadows to alchemize them
  • You are extremely defensive when someone is reflecting your shadows & you have no desire to stop being defensive.
  • You blame others and are only interested in blaming others & cannot take responsibility
This is for you if:
  • You desire to lead your life from your womb and intuitive power centre.
  • You want to cultivate a loving relationship with your body & sacred centre
  • You desire to move through blocks around sexuality, sensuality, abundance, boundaries, childhood trauma, relationship patterns, shadow behavior and how you show up in the world.
  • You understand that healing must be through the body, mind and Spirit it cannot be intellectualized it must be embodied.
  • You know you are the creatrix of your reality and it is up to you to heal and transform
  • You desire to penetrate & integrate your shadows with love
  • You desire to be connected to your erotic sensual self
  • You desire to have deeper fulfilling intimacy in your life
  • You desire to feel more confident, open and receptive
  • You are aware the journey of alchemizing blind spots and shadows may feel uncomfortable at times
  • You desire to deepen a true self love
Includes :
  • Your own Private room
    we are only offering private rooms as you will be deep diving moving through a lot of processes so it’s important you have your own space.
  • All meals included
  • 6 days of multiple deep diving ceremonies and workshops – intimacy, sacred temple arts, healing body dysmorphia, in depth intricate shadow work, healing sexual wounding, trauma releasing in depth work, tantric arts, shamanic ceremonies, weaving the masculine and feminine energetics of within
  • Sacred water cleansing ritual
  • Ocean front beach Accomodation
  • Free shared car (only available on the day the retreat begins leaving from one central location)

”Literally Chelsea, there are no words that would do justice in how much working with you has changed my life.
I couldn’t be more grateful for you and for each and every session I had with you.
You hold space in such a unique and incredible way, that it brings tears in my eyes just thinking about it. I felt save, held and loved at all times.
You helped me to find back to myself, open my heart again, helping me to express myself, connecting me back to my feelings & emotions,
connecting me back to my body and my feminine energy and so much more.”


”I’ve done so much “work” so my ego was like you should be able to do this yourself and I was beating myself up.
The truth was I couldn’t do it alone. I needed some love & support.
I’m so freaking glad I took the leap. My soul knew I needed this deep connection with women.
The ceremonies Chelsea & Shelly led were so healing and being in a safe place with all women was next level. ”


” I felt huge resistance to joining this container but I am so so glad that I did. This container was all about expansion and removing the illusions and delusions blocking me from embodying my most empowered, successful, sensual, sexual, authentic, powerful, limitless, and courageous self. I have seen huge shifts in my internal and external world in these few weeks and I am so excited to see the shifts continue. I have immense gratitude for Chelsea for creating this container, holding space for me, being a huge support during this time of extreme emotion, and also for her being courageous enough to show me my blind spots even if they were scary for my ego or mind to hear. Chelsea is patient, kind, clear, authentic, deeply connected to Spirit, strong, and grounded. For all these reasons and more I love working with her.”


”I really love that I chose to join the container instead of work one on one with Chelsea because I feel that I learned 3x as much with the three women in there with me. I would have not seen some of the blind spots that came up if I were alone with Chelsea, I needed the other women in the group to act as more mirrors for me to see more clearly, and also because divinely either everything they were going through and speaking about pertained to my life in some way or their stories and experiences were extremely similar to mine helping me see things from new perspectives and not feel alone”


”Chelsea is so devoted to her work and holds space in such a safe and loving way, that I was able to process deep deep seeded trauma that I had completely blocked out.
A big trauma surfaced, which I had a lot of resistance to facing and Chelsea helped create a safe space to address it head on and heal what had come up. When I addressed it fully there was so much pain and emotion linked to it, she helped me release it and afterwards I felt so much lighter, so empowered and FREE. It’s a feeling that I cannot put into words. Chelsea is a true healer.

I worked through so much during my time with Chelsea, and shed layers of pain, trauma, stagnation, and conditioning. My body was holding onto physical weight for years and after my mentorship with Chelsea the physical excess weight has been effortlessly coming off after having released so much emotional weight.”

Energetic Exchange

Early bird investment :

IDR 37,000,000 (around USD$ 2442)

Early bird ends March 27th

After March 27th

Discount of full rate available until May 10th
IDR 39,000,000  (around USD$ 2,607)

After May 10th
All discounts ended & full amount of IDR 41,000,000  (USD$ 2,706)


– Energy investment of IDR 37,000,000 (around USD$ 2442)  Before March 27th

– Energy investment of IDR 39,000,000 (around USD$ 2,607)  Before May 10th

After May 10th. Full energy investment applies: IDR 41,000,000 (USD$ 2,706)


Pay deposit first then payment plan available Or can pay in full

About Chelsea

Chelsea is a teacher & leader in healing trauma & activating life force energy. Specializing in wombens healing, Chelsea’s work is Womb & Yoni focused.

Chelsea is an expert in womb healing & shadow work. Chelsea is able to get to the core within minutes. Many have shared, what they have received in 1 session with Chelsea was beyond years of mainstream therapy.

Chelsea has held much over 1000 1-1 sessions, over 50 in person ceremonies & workshops, 9 in person retreats, multiple in person & online containers and continues to expand.

Chelsea has trained, studied and learnt since the age of 18 where she completed her first energy healing training over 10 years ago.

She has trained and studied with somatic healing experts, shamanic tribes, Reiki masters, tantric leaders, sexologist teachers, psychotherapists & body workers.

Through her trainings, in depth experience & her ability to channel and cut through the BS, she created; The Sacred Temple Healing Arts Facilitator Training & Online Temple Membership.