Womb Ceremony – Honoring the Sacral Chakra ONLINE//

December 12th – Bali time 8.30am (GMT+8)

I welcome those wanting to understand their shame, wounds, trauma, activate their womb, feel into what she needs and reclaim their wild woman & inner Goddess.

The intention of these Womb ceremonies are to release sexual shame and woundings we have picked up through our personal journeys and on a collective level. When we release these lower frequencies of conditioning and shame we are able to honor the power centre of the body where our wild woman and Goddess lives.

Our sex center, our yoni, our womb is as equally as powerful as our heart center, if not more. As women our wisdom, intuition and connection to Spirit & the Earth is kept within the womb. As well as our power and all the magic; our womb is also where a lot of our fear, emotions and trauma is held.

To live in absolute freedom, within ourselves and with others we must honor & connect to our Sacral and build a relationship with ourselves.

We are born to be sexual, creative beings and it is our birth right to express ourselves sexually in a healthy & sacred way.

Quite often people, especially women may experience a sexual block or imbalance in their Sacral Chakra at one stage in their life. We must understand that we are carrying, not only our personal woundings but also the collective sexual trauma of our ancestors and those women whose power was stripped from them.

Society and religion has created so much TABOO around sexuality – creating so much shame around it, yet everyone is doing it? These conditions have been weaved into our beings on the mind and human level. We need to heal this trauma and KNOW that our sexuality is in fact a PURE, DIVINE BLESSING.

This is a 3 hour ceremony for any woman who wants to understand and connect with themselves deeper.

This ceremony includes womens sharing circle, collective healing breathwork session, meditation, journaling activities & embodiment practices.

Aligned energetic exchange: 40 USD // 30 BRITISH POUNDS // 55 AUD

Email Chelsea@saktihealing.com