~ School of Temple Healing Arts ~ (trainings)

Full details will be announced in 2022.

School of Sacred Temple Healing Arts – training with Chelsea

  • Shadow work (in depth) and somatic healing
  • Womb connection
  • Womb, yoni, pelvic care
  • Womb healing arts
  • Body work – releasing trauma
  • Energetic emotional healing
  • Awakening channeling / psychic abilities
  • The Power of Prayer & offerings
  • The elements – working with water, fire, air, earth & spirit
  • Cutting energetic cords & emotional release rituals
  • Embodiment practices
  • Ceremonies & workshops healing the feminine
  • Intimacy & tantric arts
  • Conscious communication
  • Setting up Temple space (acknowledging the unseen, the land your on and your ceremony by how you prepare and how you set the space energetically and physically)
  • Boundaries
  • Walking a path in Integrity

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