Mary Magdalene Necklace


The Priestess of unconditional love.
Mary Magdalene was suppressed for centuries, now that she rises, we witness the divine feminine rise throughout the collective

Mary Magdalene is the essence of the Divine feminine. An embodied Temple Priestess. Our beloved Ascended Goddess

She is the vibration of unconditional love, she represents the divine feminine, divine sexuality, devotion, beauty, to love so deeply and truly, no matter what the outside appears to be, she teaches us true forgiveness & love.
She teaches us how to operate from a higher level of consciousness; which is unconditional love. She teaches us how to forgive ourselves and others and blesses us with a sweet grace


  • All necklaces are high quality Gold plated,¬†Stirling silver with an adjustable chain.
  • You can adjust the chain to wear the necklace shorter or longer