Bali ritual box


Our Bali ritual box is made of the traditional Balinese offerings box (Sok kasi) that is used for ritual and ceremonies. This is where we keep the magical offerings for the ancestors and ritual tools before they make it to the temples. This originally was for rice which then moved onto being used for ceremony prep.

What is included? 
  • 1 smudging Sage bundle rapped in roses.
  • 1 set of 10 natural (2 hour) Balinese incense
  • 1 temple smudging (used in larger spaces and outdoor spaces)
  • 1 Ritual candle of your choice (please add to notes which one you would like)
  • 1 clear quartz tumble stone crystal
  • 1 Journal with blank pages
  • 1 Ganesha to add to your alter

How to use
This ritual box has been made up with a traditional Balinese handwoven box filled with ritual essentials.
Everything you need for your ritual or alter is here!
A journal to release all your worrying, dark thoughts, manifestations and gratitude list.
Sage for clearing your space
Natural Balinese 2 hour incense to use whilst meditating or spending time with yourself
A natural handpoured ritual candle to assist you in manifesting and set the scene
A temple smudger – for 1 time use only, use by burning the side and the rest will continue to burn (place it in a bowl whilst burning)
A clear quartz crystal stone sit on your alter or in your hands during meditation to assist in absorbing any low frequencies and connecting to higher realms
And a Ganesha statue to add to your alter.

Additional information