~ Light Codes Full Day Immersion ~

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Light Codes Activation 1 Day Immersion Saturday August 27th

You are invited to journey into the depths of your heart, connect with your womb & move through any density that is blocking you from a deeper connection with yourself and your Gaurdians working with you.

We will use Wolf medicine (working with the Spirit of the Wolf) to heal and break through any barriers that are ready to be healed

We will connect with our Gaurdians, higher realm beings; celestial beings, Lemurians & your gaurdians in Spirit through prayer, meditation and ritual.

This is for those feeling the call for their next level of soul expansion, heal wounds of the heart & open the portal connection between their heart and womb

  • Innerstanding the connection between the seen & unseen. Offerings. Light codes & light beings
  • Heart & Womb Somatic healing Journey. Healing, understanding and unblocking
  • Heart & womb coherence
  • Connecting to Angelic realms, light code beings & Gaurdians
  • Fire ceremony prayers

Whilst always breaking down barriers of separation & Interweaving intimacy & connection in a sacred sister container

1 day ; Start Morning & finish by 9pm // Meals included

Energetic exchange 3,500,000 IDR

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