~ In-Person Services ~

Energy Healing / Shamanic Arts

with Chelsea

Tarot Readings

with Ady

Crystal Healing

with ibu Ayu

Hypnotherapy/regression - past life regression

with Marie

Conscious Breathwork & Reiki Journey

with Indri

Sacred Feminine Yoni Healing
Sacred Feminine Yoni Healing

with Chelsea

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~ Mentorship Program ~

~ Mentorship Program ~

The Blossoming  –  Empowered Priestess Path – 2 hour private sessions weekly over 8 weeks.

8 week program for sisters who are already in service or those who are already devoted to their inner growth and are wanting to call in powerful support. This program is tailor made to the individual to meet their needs.

Over 8 weeks you will receive energetic and emotional clearing sessions, womb embodiment practices, releasing unhealthy conditionings and beliefs, spiritual guidance and coaching, healing past trauma, shadow work, connecting with your feminine essence, connecting with your womb and heart exercises, embodiment practices and guidance around being the highest form of space holder working from your heart and connected to your womb.

With every practice you will be brought back to the deep remembering of your connection with the Great Earth Mother and your true feminine essence.

Energetic exchange – self investment of $1,255 USD

~ Online Services ~

Online Energy Healing/ spiritual guidance

hello@saktihealing.com for bookings
1.5 hour sessions $137 USD

Online Tarot Reading

hello@saktihealing.com for bookings
30 minute readings $30 USD