Healing the Feminine Sakti

Join me on a sacred journey back to your true soul essence, return home to unconditional love. Experience deep healing and expansion in magical Bali ❤️

This 7 day transformational women’s retreat has been designed to dive deep to heal and connect back to your heart, body, womb, Earth and spirit.

Through cultural conditioning and trauma we have been taught to feel unsafe within our own body as women. This deep work allows us to heal trauma with the unhealthy masculine and unite the divine feminine and divine masculine within us…

My wish is for all beings to access the purest part of themselves, their true soul essence. Through stripping back the layers of trauma and pain we are able to return home to our hearts ❤️

Without giving too much away 😉 below is a basic list of the kind of work we will be doing;

Women’s embodiment practices Tantric arts – connecting to the divine feminine


  • Inner child work
  • Womb ceremonies
  • Healing sexual trauma and shame
  • Body image healing
  • Ancestral clearing
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs. Shame and guilt
  • Cutting cords with ex lovers
  • Healing the unhealthy masculine
  • Dance
  • Yoni egg workshop
  • Fire ceremonies
  • Heart chakra – heart opening work


When we come together as a collective to heal, the healing energy and support of life force energy is deeply powerful and our healing ripples out onto the world around us. ??❤️??


Where; Ubud, Bali


Aligned energetic exchange; $1,600 USD

NON REFUNDABLE ON ALL CONDITIONS – If you need to pull out, it is your responsibility to find a sister to take your space <3

Logistics covered;

6 nights in a shared room with 1 other sister (if you would like to request a private room, price will be different -email to request) – Although the rooms are shared; the land, the villa and numerous lounging areas are huge so each sister will have more than enough space to integrate

Breakfast everyday

  • 3 lunches
  • 3 dinners


If you are feeling called; please email hello@saktihealing.com

Once you have emailed you will receive further details and a questionnaire to fill out ?

Thank you thank you thank you

All my love

Chelsea x