Welcome to the testimonial page. Below you will find testimonials for our full time in house practitioners and some for our part time practitioners. 


”I tend to freestyle each session and cannot predict how each one is going to go. Every session is unique. I have created my own way of working with energy, body work and chanelling. I enter a meditative state and become a VESSEL of ‘thy energy’ – I believe source is protecting, supporting and guiding me to be a vessel between light and you. I use my hands and feel into the energy of your body. I use reiki as a tool and the rest is my intuition and channeling. When I am deep in your energy it’s like I can embody you and can channel where the pain or imbalance has come from. What I do, is not traditional reiki but I use reiki tools throughout the session. After the session is done I spend 20 minutes going through everything I felt and give tools to you to take on your journey of self-healing.”


– Chelsea 




Ayu has worked with energy healing for most of her life. As she became older she prioritized energy healing and helping others. Crystal healing is a gentle, beautiful healing using the power of the crystals, sound healing bowl and Ayu’s third eye and healing energy. Ayu begins using the pendulum over the chakras to see where the blockages and imbalances are. She then uses around 30+ crystals on the body to empower the energy, crystals are placed on all of the chakras and many parts of the body. Ayu uses a beautiful sound healing bowl to send you into a mediative state. Ayu then sends loving healing energy to any parts of your body and life that is imbalanced or blocked. Ayu finishes using the pendulum again over the chakras so you can see your energy grounded and flowing again.




The Tarot readings are done by Ady, Ayu or Anthon. All readers are Indonesian and are awakened beings. They both use the tarot cards and are guided by their intuition throughout the reading. You can have a reading based on a specific area of your life or an overview of your life.




Other testimonials will be for Indri our breath work combined with reiki practitioner, Astrology reader & hypnotherapists. 






My appointment was on Monday 12th my last day that I’d be in Bali. Walking in instantly my nerves kicked in, but there was also slight excitement at the same time….

Chelsea was so welcoming, asking just a few questions if I had done anything before. And was there anything that I wanted out of our session… and within just a few minutes I already started to become emotional.

I couldn’t understand why? We hadn’t even begun. 

The experience with Chelsea was like nothing I have ever experienced. I felt extremely safe and comfortable. The state of meditation was unbelievable I never new we could feel so many emotions. The energy passing threw my body was unbelievable. 

Afterward I felt heavy in my limbs but extremely lightweight at the same time.

Everything Chelsea mentioned after my session made lots of sense…. The advice Chelsea recommended for when I got back home was greatly noted on healing my Sacral chakra, meditation and journaling… 

Chelsea thank you so much 💗 

I’m so grateful for the universe bringing me to you… and I’m very excited for my journey 🙏🏼💗✨

When I stepped into Sakti Healing the first time, I new that I needed to be there – my intuition told me to. I have done several sessions with Chelsea now and she helps me open up to a whole new and spiritual side of me. I feel very supported and guided in her sessions. Chelsea teaches from the heart, from within – and you can just feel it. You can feel her energy. I am so happy, that I found this place <3


Energy healing with Chelsea 

I did a Deep Healing Energy Session and it was so therapeautic! Chelsea was able to uncover some deep subconscious beliefs and help release them through her magic. I felt lighter and more at peace after our session. Thank you!

Energy healing with Chelsea


Healing Hands with an end to end experience. From the first encounter with Chelsea you are instantly feeling lightened from her beautiful energy and presence, after my sessions with Chelsea I am always so thankful and great full to experience such an amazing energy healing session. Chelsea has helped me overcome feelings of sadness and teach me valuable life lessons and how to continue with anything that’s affecting my well-being. The work she does is nothing short of amazing.


Vanessa 🙏🏽💖


Energy healing with Chelsea 

I went to visit Chelsea for a long overdue Reiki session last month. I was really nervous beforehand as I knew I’d be emotional. The whole session was a special experience, I felt vulnerable but at the same time so guided and cared for by Chelsea. Chelsea made me feel totally at ease and I can honestly say a weight lifted from my shoulders as she relayed to me exactly how I was feeling, to know I was understood was such a relief. Even just seeing Chelsea once has changed my attitude significantly, I finally feel as though I am starting to speak my truth more and do things for myself. I have a long way to go until I am balanced but I’ve found myself handling stress and conflict much differently after just one session with Chelsea. I can’t wait to see what this journey brings and I am so thankful to have Chelsea to guide me through it, I can’t speak highly enough of her 💖✨

Energy healing with Chelsea

My reiki session with Chelsea was the first I have ever done, and as such I really had no idea what to expect when I turned up to my appointment. I still feel completely lost for words in regards to the whole experience, from the moment I laid down on the bed my body was pulsating and I felt as though I was being called to completely surrender to the reiki healing. During the session I had so many things come up energetically that I was holding onto in my body that I had no idea was there and Chelsea was able to release absolutely all of it. I have never felt so relieved and light before in my life and I truely cannot thank Chelsea enough for sharing her special gift with me. If you are considering visiting Sakti Healing, I would 100% recommend you call up and book your appointment ASAP because you will not regret it one bit.

Energy healing with Chelsea 

I came to see Indri last month and I wanted to stay that I was sent there intuitively and I didn’t expect the emotion realise that happened during the session, not only that the divine guidance I received in the session was exactly what I needed. However the biggest unexpected thing is that I came in with such a tight body and I thought it was due to being on holidays and sleeping in a bed that was not mine. But as soon as I got up all the tension had left my body. Thank you so much. I wish I lived closer. ❤


In the wake of my Deep Healing with Chelsea I am both humbled and completely in awe of her incredible insight and ability.
I feel my words will not do my experience justice.From start to finish I felt completely supported, seen, safe and loved and was able to entirely surrender to the healing my soul was deeply yearning for.


For a long time my past has stood in the way of my present.
With the help of beautiful Chelsea I have now dislodged the deep rooted trauma and pain causing this that I couldn’t dissolve or make sense of by myself. The healing has left me with the most profound sense of empowerment, liberation and freedom.


I have had many healing and spiritual experiences throughout my life but have never received anything quite as profound or effective as what I received in the 2 hours spent with Chelsea.
If you are seeking healing, clarity, insight or like me are needing help with chord cutting…Listen to the whispers of your soul. If they have lead you here; take the plunge 🙏🏻 x x


Energy healing with Chelsea 


What an amazing gift Chelsea has .My time with her was truly incredible and I would love to thank Chelsea for her healing and insightful advice .
Chelsea is incredibly accomodating and has a beautiful approach to her work that is intuitively personal to your needs where you are at in your journey. She has the most kind, gentle and angelic manner that enables you to feel completely at ease and safe to be be vulnerable.
I would most definitely highly recommend Satki.

Energy healing with Chelsea 

One of my friends has been raving about Chelsea for a while now, and I felt called to have a deep healing session with her. I went with no expectations and was welcomed by Chelsea in a very warm and accepting space. Before I even explained what I was there for, she started speaking about where she felt there were blockages and unbalances in my chakras. She was absolutely right and I immediately felt that I could trust her. We went through my problems at this point in my life and began the session. Chelsea creates such a space that I could completely let go and not feel embarrassed about what was bubbling up. She was touching me very gently on various areas of my body but it was bringing out deeply suppressed emotions and memories. She explained clearly who and what each area of my body related to, it was absolutely amazing. She spent a long time with me after the session discussing feelings/ memories and any fears for the future. The amount of feedback she gave me about what she saw or felt and the guidance she gave on how to “fix” my problems was very detailed and compassionate. I can’t recommend Chelsea enough

Energy healing with Chelsea 

I’ve been to Sakti healing a few times now to see Chelsea for a reiki session. It’s not just usual Reiki, what she does. She heals the energy chakras and shares the information she receives afterwards.  In a sacred place she fully focused on my energy and I was stunned every time she did that with me. Her holding space after the healing makes it so special for me, because I really get the chance to fully understand what’s happening, what the messages are for me and how I can integrate it easier into my life to keep healing. Especially the first time was extremely intense for me. After I went to see her, literally my life changed significantly. My relationships to family and friends changed, my way of how I see life changed and I felt deep gratitude for this different point of view I had from then on. Life suddenly was so much more beautiful and magical. It was brighter and clearer then ever. I knew I would be on the right path now. 
Chelsea does wonders and can truly help you heal in order to grow and shine from within. Her passion and love for what she does to help people is amazing. I can truly recommend from the bottom of my heart to see her and work with her. She is a very special bright shining light and lovely soul.
Energy healing with Chelsea 

Words can not explain how grateful I am for my deep energy healing with Chelsea. I have never been to such a professional energy healing space or practitioner. Chelsea was able to hold space and work with me through my deep healing and talk it out with me as she went. I feel like a completely light and joyful person again, I can not recommend her enough. Thank you so much Chelsea, you have a true healing gift my love.




Energy healing with Chelsea 


What happen with Chelsea was unexpected but so natural and essential. when I push the front door the first time of Sakti Healing I wasn’t sure about what I ll be discovering.

I book an appointment and finally met Chelsea.
The moment I talked to her I knew something special was about to happen.
I was overwhelmed, not able to talk really.
We just introduced ourself and she asked me to lay down on the table and just relaxed.
She out the Music very loud and told me let it go, don’t try to control: if you want to cry cry and scream or move, this is a non judgmental space.
And so the session started from the feet to the head.
During 1 hour or maybe more my body was just talking to her, moving, crying…
I was sweating so much.
After the session we sat down.
I was so light, so full of energy, still overwhelmed but deep down something had shifted.
We talked a little bit about what she felt and and she gave me exercices to do everyday about self care and self love.
It was so powerful. It s been one month and I can still feel the work.
I let go so much things in this room, it was a life game changer.
Thank you so much Chelsea for your kindness your understanding your strength your wise words.


Energy healing with Chelsea

I have seen Chelsea twice for reiki energy work. I felt drawn to going in, but wasn’t really sure why as I felt fairly at peace in myself at the time. Looking back, I realise that I wasn’t actually at peace and I had buried a lot of pain deep within. Chelsea helped me uncover this and worked with me to understand the pain and memories trapped within my body, and practices I could do to move beyond it. This was such a crucial opportunity for me to check in with myself and deal with aspects of my past that are continuing to affect my relationship with myself and with others in the present. I have learnt so much about myself through this process, and also feel awakened to a responsibility to deal with my issues so that I can truly open my heart to life and love.

Chelsea provided such a safe space, and assured me that I could be completely myself. I instantaneously felt her generosity and sincerity, which allowed me to relax into everything that came up for me. Chelsea is so beautifully intuitive and her ability to work with energy completely blew me away. I felt so heard and cared for in her hands. I am so incredibly grateful for my experiences with Chelsea, and for everything that I learnt. I really feel like my experiences with Chelsea opened me up to another side of myself that I needed to see and feel, and that will stay with me forever!

I also highly recommend attending the Shamanic Breathwork held by Sakti, which was an intensely valuable and powerful experience for me. Thank you to Sakti and Chelsea for helping connect me back to my deeper self and purpose. I am so glad I ended up stumbling across your wonderful healing soul! See you next time I am in Bali! 🌞

Energy healing with Chelsea

My two experiences at Sakti Healing have been beyond words. Never in my life had I had my Tarot cards read, but something compelled me on Chinese New Year this year, to do so. I had just moved to Bali, and was about to start a new job and a new life. For a long time I felt ashamed of my spiritual side, but my intuition told me to leave my ego behind and start seeking. I discovered Sakti Healing on Google, and I reached out to book a Tarot Reading on the day of Chinese New Year.
Healer Ibu Ayu was not supposed to be available that day, but she made room for me for a thirty minute reading. Ibu Ayu is such a peaceful, grounded, balanced soul; I feel as if she trusts herself so greatly and is extremely competent in her spirituality and attunement. I took the advice she gave me and my life has been changing for the better, by the day.
She is not afraid to tell you what work needs to be done; and it is up to you to do the work. Ibu Ayu, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for guiding me and helping me establish a stronger connection to my spiritual self that had been neglected. I highly recommend her services. Love and light!
++ Clarity

I’m struggling to find the right words to describe my experience at Sakti healing so I’m just going to start by saying  ‘your intuition brought you here’ It’s literally written on the walls. (You’ll know what I mean by that when you see the beautiful space that is Sakti Healing if you haven’t already that is) I booked a Reiki session after finding Sakti ‘by chance’ on my last day in Bali (that already felt pretty crazy!)  Everything about my session there was magic. Not only was I instantly left feeling lighter, energised, refreshed but months later and I can still feel this wave of beautiful energy flowing through me, gently shifting my life into the direction it needs to go. I feel more present then ever and have lost count of how many synconocties are happening all around me. Life is full of little moments of coincidence that give me more and more confidence that life is on track and I am exactly where I need to be. I could keep going on and on about how good this experience was but I believe the fact that your here even reading this seems like reason enough. Your intuition knows what it needs, all you need to do is listen.

If you need anything else let me know,
Happy to help!

Warmest Wishes
Amie xxxx

Energy healing with Chelsea

I came there with pain in my whole body especially my stomach. When we start the session, I was at ease. It’s like the bad energy is pulled out of me. As the session finished I got a very helpful insight from her.  My anxiety was gone, I was already on anti anxiety medications, but it didn’t make it go away but the session did. And I could listen to her with a clear mind. She gave me an insight of what she discover within me, and it was beautiful. The thing that make me confident again is when she said I was protected by the god. I never told her I was a catholic but she told me god (source) is protecting me. She also suggest many other things that I can work on like grounding.
To walk on the beach or grass barefoot that I havent really done it for 3 months becauSe of my depression. I was also struggling to find what I can do, I was studying business in university and failed completely, and she told me that it wasn’t for my soul and my soul is destined to be a carer. Now, i am working on every day on what she found during the reiki session.
I left the place with love in my heart, bought some rose quartz. Yes my intuition got me there and I am grateful to have met Chelsea.
Thank you Chelsea
Energy healing with Chelsea 

Your healing session was incredible! I knew during the session I was receiving special healing magic but as I’m going through the physical symptoms of healing now, I truly know you have helped moved extremely stuck trauma within me. 


You intuition hit every aspect spot on and words of wisdom resonated with me in a very impactful way. 


You are such a gift and I’m so thankful for the energy and time you put into healing myself and the rest of the world. 





I visited Sakti healing because something deep inside made me go and I knew I needed a change within myself and heal past trauma that affected my life nowadays. So I booked a crystal healing session with Ibu Ayu, that I would highly recommend to anyone who needs energy cleanse and let got negativity, she is a wonderful lady that really helped me spiritually and to shine from within by spreading love and positivity towards other . I’ve never done any energy healing in my life but after the Crystal Healing with Ibu Ayu, I felt re energize, relaxed, thoughts in my mind were clearer, everything seems brighter and i felt relieved and happier.Until today I feel lighter and see things with positive mind, centered and peaceful, and she gave me valuable insight how to deal with situation in my life, and to continue my journey with love and positivity <3 
Crystal healing

I came across Chelsea’s shop when I was out walking whilst holidaying in Bali. I felt really drawn to getting a reiki healing session, I have been to many different healers globally but felt I couldn’t turn this session down.


Throughout the session, I could feel her working with my energy. However at the end when she went over her notes with me I have never had such a clear reading as I did then. She was spot on about everything in my life but more importantly she knew I had been dwelling on a really massive life changing decision and she gave me the advice I needed to move forward. Her counsel was again spot on because now I am moving forward and my decisions were the right ones. I can’t thank you enough Chelsea! Can’t wait to see you next time I’m in Bali xx



Energy healing with Chelsea






I have done both a crystal healing and tarot reading session with Ayu. I found her to be highly intuitive and experienced in what she does.
After the crystal healing session, I felt very centered, peaceful and calm.
What mostly caught my attention in the reading session was the fact that she was able to tell me things about my relationship with my family members without me focusing on the topic.
She gave me valuable insight about which area requires work and focus despite me asking questions about a completely different topic!
I was very happy with my tarot reading and I found it to be very re-assuring and helpful.
Thank you!
Energy healing with Chelsea

I visited Chelsea on instinct, I felt an instant draw to sakti and the energy it created. Chelsea gave me such a powerful energy opening and reading.
I felt to much movement through my heart and body through the session and the reading afterwards clarified so so many questions that where always on my mind.
It honestly changed not just my visit to Bali but it’s traveled with me in life back in Spain too.
I finally booked an energy course for myself, something I always wanted to do, but always put off so much with my own business commitments.
Thank you Chelsea, you are extremely talented, beautiful and I love what you have created and opened up.
Energy healing with Chelsea

a few days ago i was initiated into my most intense heart activation so far. 
i scheduled a reiki session at @saktihealing with Chelsea and the energies began shifting in and releasing from my subtle bodies before i even went in for my session on saturday. 
i arrived to the session with swollen eyes from lots of deeeep grieving. 
chelsea assisted me in the uncovering and releasing of deep seated grief that was still being held tightly by my inner child. 
she helped me to recognize the actions I must take to shift the stagnant energy of stories being retold to my cells by my inner child so that they won’t continue to manifest as physical pain in my body. 
little baby mahina remains stuck in these traumatizing moments until i’ve done enough work to consciously release her. 
lack of confidence, lack of clarity and focus, the tendency to neglect true feelings are alllll manifestations of energies that i absorbed in my mothers womb and as a young child. 
throughout our session i was having strong visions arise from my childhood while feeling anxiety and tension in certain areas of my body. 
afterwords we sat down and she began to go over the notes she had taken down on a piece of paper that described the traumas she could see and feel held in parts of my body having to do with certain people and scenarios in my younger life. 
it was exactly what came up for me and more. 
she spoke a deep truth that i was sooooo ready to face and discuss. 
little mahina could feel her deep compassion and she felt safe enough to release the fear and sadness through tears streaming down my face and sharing painful perspectives. 
i finally feel safe to open up to integrating a deeeeeep layer of fears as a massive part of the growth of my strength as a human being. 
i do not blame anyone or anything for what has happened to me, but rather I am grateful that these experiences have given me the ability to help others see things differently and rise from the painful and traumatic things. 

it is easier for me to see things and describe their essence, or the macrocosm/collective, than it is for me to slow down to feel them and embrace them as parts of my human evolutionary embodied experience, microcosm/individual experience. 
i’m really grateful to have the opportunity to heal with chelsea here in bali because reflecting with her made this feel less heavy. 
though these past experiences are not “me” there are times when i have to let them be and flow through me so that i can free up space for my highest self to move into deeper parts of my human vessel by helping my inner child feel safe and protected. 
all the work i do is to return to true freedom. 
in order to get there i will keep consciously nurturing my inner child where she may still feel abandoned and/or neglected. 
the more i release the density’s of these traumas, the lighter and more joyful i feel 🙌🏽i am overflowing with gratitude for @saktihealing ✨💕
thank you thank you thank you!
from my heart, 
to yours.


“Chelsea has changed, accelerated and uplifted the course of my life, and I’m not even exaggerating! The first time I came to see Chelsea, I felt lost, confused and frustrated. I felt stuck in my life and I didn’t know left from right. During our session, Chelsea was able to see right through me and pinpoint exactly the areas where I needed to pay attention. She gave me permission to be who I truly am. Sessions with Chelsea are nothing short of magical. She holds such a scared space, where you able to let go of any fears, doubts and anger, and step into alignment with your soul and higher self. I know with certainty that Chelsea will be a healer in my life for a long time, and I hope she will be yours too. If Chelsea has come across your path, don’t ignore it – Please seek her services, they will change your life.”

Energy healing with Chelsea

I’ve been to one other energy healer (not Reiki) in the past but didn’t feel any differently afterwards. But I knew that I could be helped and wanted to get back to the flow I had felt in the past. Chelsea was incredible. Without any conversing beforehand, she knew about my relationship with my parents, where my blockages were (both those I knew and those I didn’t but they made total sense) and provided me tools that would help remove them. My energy completely changed immediately after our time together. Before the session, my heart chakra had a rather large wall around it, not letting anyone in for a couple years. Over the next few days after our session, I met multiple potential dates and felt more confident in myself than I had in months. She’s incredibly intuitive and spends the time to explain what she felt and how it best to move forward. I can’t recommend her enough. 

Energy healing with Chelsea