New Moon Candle




New moon –¬†New beginningsThe moon is the oldest temple of the universe and we can work with the moon and her phases. New moon is a time of new beginnings, wishes and manifestations. Meditate and manifest your new moon intentions each month. List your manifestations, meditate with them with your crystals, candle and any enhancing spiritual tools. Connect to source and ask what your pure self wishes for. List these and visualise them, feel into your emotions like it has already happened. What do you feel? Secure? Peace? Abundant? Love? Burn your list at the end of the ritual, releasing your wishes to the universe.¬†Magic candles have been used for centuries in ritual practice, these candles are made up of wax, intention, prayer, roses and magic. Each candle is blessed by a Hindu Priestess when created to enhance its power. Use your candle in your meditation, prayer and rituals. Focus on your intentions and connection to source whilst burning the candle, focus on what your higher self truly desires. Imagine white light showering over you.
Cleanse your candle with sage smoke and recharge the candle under the moon light with your crystals every full moon.


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