Energy healings/Shamanic arts with Chelsea

Chelsea works on releasing low vibrational energy and past trauma to bring you into
Chelsea practices shamanic arts and is an intuitive body reader. She scans the body with her hands and focuses on releasing trauma, wounds and blocked energy through hands on body work and hands above body. Everything is connected, we must heal past traumas and wounds to make space for light in our life – e.g. releasing and healing heartache, death, sexual trauma or child hood wounds. Chelsea uses regression therapy, shamanic arts, sound, breath and movement, releasing tools, life force energy and is guided by spirit throughout the session. 
Each session has a 30 minute coaching consultation. This part of the session is
important for understanding wounds, healing and how to integrate. Chelsea provides guidance on how to integrate this experience into your everyday life. 
Energy healings are an energy exchange, the depth of the session depends on how
open you are, Chelsea encourages you to fully surrender and be open to receive the
most out of your session. 
‘Our healing journey is a forever, ongoing journey and each time we show up for ourselves to heal we connect another layer deeper to our heart.’

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Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are done by reading symbolic cards where the reader uses their intuition and spiritual guidance to help you with decisions and feeling more confident in life. Tarot readings do not always equal in immediate happiness but they are a guidance to trust your own inner being.  

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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a gentle, beautiful healing using the power of the crystals, sound healing bowl and healing energy. 30+ crystals are placed on the body to empower the energy. Ayu uses a beautiful sound healing bowl to send you into a mediative state. Ayu then sends loving healing energy to any parts of your body and life that is imbalanced or blocked.  

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Hypnotherapy/regression - past life regression

‘Until you make your subconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate’

During a hypnotherapy session, in a meditative state of deep focus and concentration, we will connect with your blueprints, negative belief systems and triggers that are stored in your subconscious mind, to eventually release them.
The list of disadvantages that can be cured through hypnotherapy is long and goes from depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergies, phobias and traumas all the way to drug abuse, asthma and chronic diseases (i.e. migraine and chronic pain), to emotional imbalances, bipolar disorder as well as smoking addiction.
Identifying and connecting to the root cause will resolve the issue and help you to break out of negative belief systems, traits and habits that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

With the tool of hypnosis and by accessing your subconscious, you will be guided to overcome emotional, mental, chronic and behavioural challenges and tap into your full potential and reconnect with your true essence.

Both of our hypnotherapists use a range of Reiki tools, inner child work techniques and each session is tailored uniquely for each client for best results.

Please do not drink coffee, any caffeine, alcoholic beverages on the day of your appointment and wear comfortable clothes.

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Conscious Breathwork & Reiki Journey with Indri

Sometimes we feel like we’re not living to our greatest potential and can feel rather stuck. By using deep connected breaths we are bringing more oxygen in our body, releasing physical & emotional tension, allowing new possibilities, feeling more connected to ourselves and ready to share more love with the world!

Indri’s main strength as a practitioner is her devotion to be fully present, nurturing and to create a sacred space for her clients to explore, expand, release and transform.

She combines breath work, Reiki and the use of essential oils which helps awaken our senses and access a space of safety and self-compassion. Sessions last between 60minutes to 75 minutes

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Intuitive reading & guidance with our in house psychic-healer

Taking a modern approach to ancient healing. Indah is a gifted visual reader & healer.

These sessions focus deeply on reading and clearing chakra points, going deep into your past, present and future, clearing blockages and limitations and gaining insight on how to move forward with your present life. Indah’s ability to tap into the source of the pain and gain insight is moving, with each session being completely unique and guided by your current energy field.

Most sessions with Indah begins with her drawing out the map of your aura, giving you your color, picking out names and people who are significant to you and what work you need to do to continue your growth and become the best version of you, bringing together various modalities from visual psychic reading, Reiki healing, Card reading and coaching.

Bookings via email or whatsapp only.

Sessions are 900,000 IDR


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Healing the Feminine, clearing session

This session is specialized for women experiencing a disconnection or want to deepen their connection to their body, womb or yoni. This session is recommended for woman who experience any sexual shame, trauma, shame around their body image, find it difficult to accept themselves and want to come back to their true soul essence.

Through breath, sound, movement, de amoring and massage we can move trauma and shame physically, emotionally and energetically. This session is a mix of Chelseas clearing work, de-amoring hands on body work, breast and womb massage. 

This is an extremely powerful and transformational session for all woman who want to come back to their true soul essence of love.

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