Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are done by reading symbolic cards where the reader uses their intuition and spiritual guidance to help you with decisions and feeling more confident in life. Tarot readings do not always equal in immediate happiness but they are a guidance to trust your own inner being.  

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Chelsea works on releasing low vibration energy and past trauma to bring you into alignment. You may seek out a reiki/energy healing session to come into alignment with your soul calling or to help heal past traumas within you – e.g. heartache, death, sexual trauma or child hood wounds. Chelsea uses a range of reiki tools, releasing tools and is guided by spirit throughout the session. Each session ends with a 20 minute consultation of everything Chelsea felt.  Sessions last between 75 minutes to 90 minutes. 

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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a gentle, beautiful healing using the power of the crystals, sound healing bowl and healing energy. 30+ crystals are placed on the body to empower the energy. Ayu uses a beautiful sound healing bowl to send you into a mediative state. Ayu then sends loving healing energy to any parts of your body and life that is imbalanced or blocked.  

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1-1 Spiritual Guidance and Distant Healing

INTENTION - What is your intention through this guidance?

I ask all clients to send an email through of their intention before our session. Get yourself in to a medative state through a 15 meditation, after this ask yourself what is my intention? Is there something you want to change, transform or release? Write this down (can be on pen and paper and you take a photo and email or re-write it out on email but I recommend hand writing it immediately after the meditation)

Throughout the session we explore your intention using different techniques and tools. I end the session with a distant energy healing, assisting you to come back to your pure essence of love.

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Deep releasing energy healing

This is a healing process for those already on their healing journey whether that means through meditation or yoga or if you find yourself in Bali on a spiritual quest to dive within or let go. Either way if this process is calling you, then your soul is ready to shift some deep pain. I work with Sakti (Shakti) life force energy, our spirit guides and ancestors to allow me to be a channel of thy energy to shift what no longer is serving your highest purpose.

We start with a 15 minute Skype session to explore what your intention is and feel into what is needed in the session.

I ask you to come with an intention written on paper and wear thin clothes (no denim).

Please fast 2 hours before.

Please do not drink coffee/any caffiene/alcoholic beverages on the day of your appointment.

Please do not eat meat or any heavy foods on the day of your appointment.

Each session is completely unique and we work in different ways depending on your souls calling. But overall in each session I use my hands on the body to shift energy.

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Conscious Breathwork & Reiki Journey

Sometimes we feel like we’re not living to our greatest potential and can feel rather stuck. By using deep connected breaths we are bringing more oxygen in our body, releasing physical & emotional tension, allowing new possibilities, feeling more connected to ourselves and ready to share more love with the world!

Indri’s main strength as a practitioner is her devotion to be fully present, nurturing and to create a sacred space for her clients to explore, expand, release and transform.

She combines breath work, Reiki and the use of essential oils which helps awaken our senses and access a space of safety and self-compassion. Sessions last between 60minutes to 75 minutes

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Astrology Readings

Even if you haven't quite discovered it yet, We are all here for a divine purpose! Sometimes we can get a little lost on the path or overwhelmed with certain aspects of our lives, but rest assured the astrological alignment of the stars at the exact time and location of your birth, can accurately indicate your souls divine blueprint, giving you higher guidance on your souls journey. Astrology is an incredibly useful tool passed down by many generations, for thousands of years in multiple cultures from some of the wisest souls, to help identify your innate talents and bring forth true self awareness. And awareness is power! This allows you to remove destructive conditioning or habits that may be holding you back and shines a light on your brightest path, allowing you to live a soul fulfilling life of your truest calling, towards your highest destiny.

Please note, you need to give your exact time and date of birth and place of birth.

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