Sakti is Sanskrit (ancient language) for Shakti. Sakti/Shakti means power/energy and represents the cosmic energy and forces that move through the Universe in Hinduism and Shaktism. Shakti is the divine feminine creative power. Shakti mostly manifests herself through female embodiment, creativity and fertility.

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Mama Bali; the karmic centre of the Universe invited me in when I was 17 years old and I haven’t left since. I always felt my strong intuition and the ability ‘to feel and connect’ as long as I can remember. I surpessed this ‘feeling’ out of fear and not really understanding what it was for a long time. I experienced a lot of death and life changing events throughout my young life which lead me to look and work within. I became a reiki practitioner at 18 years old (7 years ago) and have been on a quest of energy healing ever since. I do energy healings with a mix of tools from reiki, breath work, my intuition and channeling spirit. I specialize in working with the Sacral chakra, womb area, sexual trauma and divine feminine energy.

My intention for Sakti is to create a safe, loving space where we can heal and receive guidance. Other than myself, we have a collective of healers and light workers to help you discover, heal and evolve. 

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My deepest Love, 



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